Tuesday, July 1, 2014

plantain song

Yesterday I read this article.
And today I saw these little guys all over the place.

I trimmed them down of course, or pulled them out--it's my job to do so. But every time, a small part of me wanted to let the weed stay. ...as nature seeks to regenerate the soil... 

Even weeds, which are 'undesirable' and 'invasive' in most outdoor spaces, are working against the system in order to heal the earth's face. Which we messed up in our insatiable desire to make the earth what we think is a better place. This is somehow a piece of Genesis 3: thorns and thistles will grow and make gardening difficult, hampering our insatiable desire for food. Plaintain will move in where the ground has been rearranged to better suit the empire's needs, because the earth doesn't really want empire to prosper. I love the restorative and redemptive justice of it all. Sneaky. I love how the smallest little thing like this weed has subversion built into its DNA. I wonder if that is also a piece of God's response after the fall. Sorry Adam--you're gonna want to build everything you ever dreamed of and keep it built but this earth turns and returns and will regenerate itself because in its regenerating it is constantly moving in praise. Also watch out for that thistle, it's pretty but it's real sharp--but then, you can use plantain to get the prickles out.

Maybe someone can sponsor me to write a theology of gardening? A theology of weeds?